Thursday, May 19, 2011

Singapore Culture - T-Shirt Design

So working in a concept store made me wonder... wonder into idea of setting up my very own store, selling my very own design.

Nope, I'm not setting up my own store, and I'm not selling T-shirt either.
It's just a dream - working in progress.

Inspired by the Singapore culture, I’ve came up with ideas only Singaporeans would be able to understand and laugh about.
My design concept's main purpose is to touch the heart of Singaporeans.
If i didn't, i failed. I’ve got a lot of things to learn.

I plan to come out with a series of design with the concept “Singapore Culture” as a base. So, we’ll see if I have the discipline to carry on or not (HAHAHS! The worm in me – laziness)

DUN CARE - Singapore Culture

DUN CARE T-Shirt - Singapore Culture