Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keep Calm and Blame On

What?! You’ve not heard of the ‘Keep Calm' craze yet!?

Recently the old 1939 poster produced by the British government have come alive, people have been re-producing these posters and used it as a decorative theme for whatsoever. People have been using the print on book covers to take pictures as accessories, hanging them in their restaurant as display theme and stuff like that.

“The poster was initially produced by the Ministry of Information [2] in 1939 during the beginning of World War II. It was intended to be distributed in order to strengthen morale in the event of a wartime disaster. Two-and-a-half million copies were printed, although the poster was distributed only in limited numbers.[3] The designer of the poster is not known.” –wiki

So I bored and made my own version of “keep calm” poster!

Basically retaining the style of the ordinal poster from 1936, and adding he modern element like a twisted version of Facebook “like” button. I called it the “blame” button.

And no, it’s not my fault. Mostly it’s the government fault.

Oh, the original looks something like that .
Open your eye, mashups are everywhere.
Keep calm and stay awesome people!