Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Tiny Island In Singapore Called "Kusu".

So together with a group of friends we found ourselves in this nearly empty island.
Excluding the 6 of us, i estimate around other 8 pairs of human feet set on the island.
It felt like we owned the entire island! And hired 4 bangalas workers to maintain the place, 1 coast guard, and 3 terrorist trying to invade our land.

I try to include more "alive" subject in this post, after realising most of the photographs in my blog are just things. dead, motionless things.

And in this post, i told myself to keep to 1 editing style, which i failed again. Gosh, so hard to maintain consistency.

The bench.


couple by the beach Thegirlwithacamera.

Old Shool Camera.

IMG_9353 - edited


Don't let me fall.